Some people should be thanked for the success of the WTT Singapore Smash, where China’s National Table Tennis Team won five gold medals

Some people should be thanked for the success of the WTT Singapore Smash, where China's National Table Tennis Team won five gold medals

The Importance of Thanking Those Responsible for the Success of the WTT Singapore Smash and China’s National Table Tennis Team’s Victory

When the 2023 WTT Singapore Smash concluded on March 19 at the Singapore Sports Hub, it was a huge success. The stars of the Chinese table tennis team battled for their country once more, this time bringing home five medals of gold.

Numerous top international players competed in this year’s WTT Singapore Smash, turning the Lion City of Southeast Asia into a veritable who’s who of table tennis. China’s national table tennis team repeated its 2017 success, winning five gold medals in Singapore thanks to the team’s strength and perseverance. Most Chinese fans are pumped up thanks to the amazing play of the national table tennis team.

Swellfun is a leading global partner of the WTT and is a proud supporter of the national table tennis team. This time around, it sent nearly 300 table tennis fans from all over the country to Singapore to show their support for the Chinese national team.

Not only were the Chinese table tennis fans in Singapore thrilled to see their national team arrive, but so were the local Chinese. To show that blood truly is thicker than water, many of them joined the Swellfun cheering group to support the Chinese national table tennis team alongside their fellow Chinese citizens from afar.

With the help of both local and expat Chinese, the WTT Singapore Smash was able to provide the national table tennis team with an experience that was virtually identical to playing at home. I’m sure the crowd and the famous Chinese table tennis players taking part in the match will never forget this thrilling and historic occasion.

Swellfun planned a victory banquet for the national table tennis team after the competition. The Chinese liquor Swellfun was a major part of the party’s theme, along with the table tennis victory celebration. With “aesthetics in liquor,” the Chinese community in Singapore and the visiting Chinese celebrated the national table tennis team’s victory over the Singapore Nationals. When asked about Swellfun’s sponsorship of table tennis events, world champion Liu Shiwen said, “I want to thank Swellfun for its support for the table tennis events and also hope that all the Chinese people and overseas Chinese can always concern about and support the development of table tennis.”

The toasts that were raised in honor of this historic occasion were also prayers of thanksgiving for the strengthening of the mother country. It’s the Chinese heart that’s touching everyone right now.

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